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All import

Migrate to shopify store from any ecommerce/blog site easily. Just import xml or CSV and migrate to shopify store. Import data,products,taxonomies,users,images etc in to any theme fields with any CSV or XML file with the help of this plugin.

How it works ?

  5. RUN


  1. You need to have XML,CSV or JSON file.
  2. Import the XML/CSV/JSON file in it.
    (Click on modules tab on dashboard and them ImportProfile -> View Module.)
  3. Then upload the XML/CSV/JSON input files.
  4. Select the content type to which the date is related to.
  5. You will see "add filter button" and the content you import and click on mapping.
  6. You need to drag and drop relevant field from the table beside and click continue to summary.
  7. Last Run import.

What you can import?

Which all supported by shopify like
  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Categories
  • Articles,etc...

Features :

Filter Option:

A part from importing all the fields, you can import respective fields with the filter option. This is one of the best feature of module, saving your maximum time without any unnecessary contain import.


Map the respective field from the table beside contains imported data. Mapping is done by drag and drop the respective field from table or copy and paste.


Shopify All Import makes it easy to schedule your imports to run automatically, on a pre-defined schedule, with cron jobs. Shopify All Import will check the URL you specify for the data file, and if it finds any changes, it will import according to your settings.

If there are new entries in your XML or CSV that weren't present in the last import, Shopify All Import will import them.