Automatic Backups

Backup manager helps you backup the data from your store and puts it in your selected drive. Real time monitoring is accessible, with items being updated instantly while not having to attend for your backup to run.

Restore by date

At any time you can restore the previous files,data like products & product variations, customers, orders, articles, collections and complete theme, date priority to last 7 days.

Select Drive for storage

Save Backups in your server through FTP,dropbox,google drive,Amazon s3 and Microsoft one drive. Privacy of your information is important and we made is easy to save info in your selected drive/server.

Flexible Restore

Restore of an individual item, a group of items, or your entire store - it's up to you. Find the item you're looking for instantly from your saved storage drive , and restore it to a previous version in seconds from your storage place.

Complete Backups

Backup manager helps you backup the data like customers, orders, products and product images, themes and theme assets, collections, pages, articles.

Easy Set-up

Install "Backup Manager" from the Shopify app store, select a plan and backups start right away. Ongoing backups happen automatically for the most data you select.


Plans & Pricing





Enterprise Plus

Google Drive HOT
One Drive HOT
Drop Box HOT
Amazon S3 HOT
Antivirus Scanning HOT
Monthly Price $5.00 $15.00 $39.00 $99.00
Automated Backups Automatic, Daily Automatic, Daily Automatic, Daily Automatic, Daily
Manual Backup Any Time
Downloadable Backups
Real Time Backups
Backup Manager History 7 Days 30 Days 1 Year 1 Year
Zipped Backups
Backup Manager
1-Click Restores
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
File Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Average Orders / Month 100 500 1500 Unlimited
Support E-mail E-mail E-mail & Phone E-mail & Phone


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